The right makeup can not only correct imperfections of the skin, but also emphasize the beauty of the face, adding a little expressiveness. There are different color and product recommendations for every type of look, so it is worth taking a look at this question separately.

For example, what will suit brunettes, will look quite vulgar on blondes and vice versa. Especially delicate approach to the selection of makeup for girls with red hair, because, in addition to the hair, often their appearance is endowed with other features.

Let us discuss in detail the features of the external data of red-haired beauties, as well as choose makeup for different types of daily and evening.


As previously mentioned, red-haired girls, provided that the hair color is natural from birth, have a lot of other features that must be taken into account when selecting shades of cosmetics.

For example, light, and sometimes even porcelain skin does not accept the application of dark foundations, otherwise you risk to get not the effect of light tanning, and unkempt mask.

Do not forget about freckles, which very often adorn the skin of red-haired girls. Many professional makeup artists do not recommend covering them with a thick layer of foundation, as they are a highlight of the appearance.

Also often red-haired girls have rather light eyebrows and eyelashes, which also need to be emphasized. Try to choose brown shades for eyebrows, harmonizing with the color of your hair. Mascara can also be chosen in a dark brown color, or you can apply a regular black one with a light, hardly noticeable layer.

In addition, the owners of natural red hair is better to refuse bronzers and blushes of a saturated pink shade. It is better to emphasize the cheekbones with light brown toning, and to create a light blush use a peach shade.

If the hair color is a result of the work of an experienced colorist, and you have naturally dark skin, dark eyebrows and thick black eyelashes – try to avoid adding dark colors to your make-up, because you risk making your face look heavier and taking away its natural expressiveness. You can also skip the eyebrow pencil and dark mascara, replacing these products with a clear fixing gel.

Eye color options

Almost the main part of the makeup of red-haired girls with fair skin are the eyes. It is important not only to accurately emphasize their beauty, but also to choose the right shades, without depriving the appearance of the girl individuality.

Let’s consider in detail what products and colors are best for a particular eye color.

For brown eyes

Brown eyes, as a rule, do not allow the use of contrasting shades in the makeup, but also do not allow the presence of brown color (for obvious reasons). It should also be noted that for makeup for brown-eyed girls, it is best to use warm shades.

For example, you can slightly brighten the inner corner of the eyes and the brow space with cream-colored shades, and darken the outer corner with a warm marsh shade. When applying shadows, it is best to use the technique of shading, as clear contours will weigh down the look.

As for the lips, for them, as well as to emphasize the blush, it is best to use light, translucent shades. For example, coral or peach. Highlighter should also belong to a warm color palette – for example, a golden shade will do.

makeup suits red hair

For blue eyes

The combination of blue eyes and red hair in itself is a contrast, so you can emphasize this feature in your makeup and accentuate it correctly. For example, blue-eyed girls will do well in warm shades of shadows, especially brown – so the eyes will seem brighter and deeper.

Also blue, silver and emerald shades of shadows are quite suitable, thanks to which you can enhance the contrast, giving your appearance even more unusual. In this case, it is better to use graphite or gray mascara, because the classic black shade will look a little out of place.

For gray eyes

The combination of gray eyes and red hair looks quite neutral, so to pick up the makeup of the owner of such appearance will not be as easy as it may seem at first glance. The thing is that very often there can be an overload effect, a feeling of incompleteness.

For example, when highlighting the eyes in brown or dark gray shades, it is better to refrain from the use of bright lipstick and use a light gloss. And with bright lips will most successfully combine a light eyeliner on the eyes, emphasizing their shape.

For everyday makeup can do with only five products: foundation, light brown concealer, peach blush, mascara and eyebrow gel. The blush is applied to the cheeks, the bridge of the nose and with light strokes on the eyelids, creating a childish, shy face.

For green eyes

Red-haired girls with green eyes can be seen quite often, because this is the most common combination of external data. As a rule, there are many more makeup options for this appearance than for the rest.

For example, for green-eyed women will suit both warm and cold shades of shadows – both will harmoniously emphasize the eye shade, playing on the contrast or complementing it. The only exception is the green shade, which should not merge with the color of the iris of a beautiful girl, so we recommend you to use a few shades darker.

When applying everyday makeup, it is better to limit yourself to light accents: neat arrows or shading on the outer corner of the eye, so you will look appropriate and neat, without a hint of vulgarity.

For an evening look, you can use brighter shades, for example, tuxedo-ace with diamond shimmers, bright or dark lipstick, as well as more pronounced arrows of different colors.

Different types of makeup

The owner of red hair and without that it is difficult not to notice, and with spectacular eye shadow and immodest lip shade from such a beauty and it is difficult to tear away the sight. So in order to look spectacular, but at the same time appropriate, according to the circumstances and time of day, it is necessary to choose a suitable type of makeup.

For example, it is quite obvious that in a business meeting, bright colors on the eyes will not be necessary, but at the same time, the red lipstick in combination with elegant arrows and a business suit is quite acceptable and even stylish.

Consider the step by step options to create day and evening makeup.


Before we proceed to the step-by-step breakdown of the daytime makeup, we should note one important nuance – it should not be overloaded and heavy, so we recommend using a minimum amount of products.

There is no universal instruction – it is necessary to choose cosmetics according to your preferences, skin type and financial possibilities. But if you want to look as natural and stylish as possible, there are certain things you can do.

  • First of all, your skin should be well moisturized; your favorite skin care cream or makeup base will be suitable for this purpose. Before applying the products your face should be cleaned with micellar water and foam, and prepare it using a toner or toner.
  • The foundation should be applied with as thin a layer as possible, and if possible, it is better to refuse it at all, using concealer and a light colorless powder. It is also not recommended to smear a thick layer of cream, pimples and other flaws of the skin, as cosmetics, used in large quantities, only emphasize them.
  • When creating an everyday image, it is better to give up bright eye shadow, smoky-eye and eyeliner. We recommend applying subtle products with a translucent light texture, complementing the eye makeup with black or brown mascara.
  • When decorating the eyebrows, we also recommend the use of mascara or gel, leaving them as natural as possible. Graphic eyebrows can weigh down the look and the look as a whole.
  • As for the lips, suit the lipsticks of restrained shades and glosses with a shining effect.
  • Do not forget about the blush, dry concealers and highlighter – these products should be used in moderation, so that the face looks more fresh.


When creating an evening look, you can afford brighter colors in makeup, as well as to use a little more cosmetics.

Let’s break it down in order.

  • For example, when applying evening makeup, you can use a thicker foundation, with a matte finish, which will stay on the skin all evening, creating a perfectly even coverage.
  • You can also make the contouring more pronounced and add more radiance, which will be slightly muted by semi-darkness or nightclub lighting.
  • Evening eye makeup can be different. For example, a light brown tuxedo-ice will be quite delicate and sophisticated addition to the appropriate outfit, and neon arrows or colored shadows will help to create a bold and expressive image.
  • Also in the eye makeup is recommended to use waterproof products, such as eyeliner and mascara, especially if you are going to a foam party or a touching shower.
  • For the lips, you can choose absolutely any product: from a bright matte lipstick to a light gloss. You can play on the contrast, emphasizing only one detail in the makeup or emphasizing all at once. In the second case, be careful, choosing harmonious shades, otherwise the makeup can be simply vulgar.
  • Evening makeup can be completed with the fixing spray, which will help to keep the cosmetics on your skin in their original form for several hours and under different circumstances.