Hair is one of the things that tells a lot about a woman and her temper. Whatever the age, hair remains one of the key instruments for ladies to express themselves and create the image. For women wearing glasses hair also plays a crucial role as it has to emphasize the right lines of the face and open it. Below we suggest some of the best short hairstyles for over 50 with glasses, so make sure you follow our advice!


To begin with, older women are generally more likely to wear glasses and therefore it is essential not only to accustom to glasses but also to the way glasses look in concert with this or that hairstyle. Believe me or not, one incorrect solution in terms of hair length or forelock looseness, and the whole appearance may lose its coherence and classiness. Therefore, it is vital to think of all the components of one’s look and try to make it all fit each other.

Things To Know On Hairstyles And Glasses Interplay

Once you get to the point, when haircut is not a mere way of your hair laying but rather a way to express yourself, you uncover the whole new world of experiments. For instance, many women in their senior years tend to cardinally change their hairstyles or hair color. This is a somewhat beauty manifest which consequently leads to a brand new self-perception.


Given that glasses are nowadays not only an instrument for better sight but also a stylish accessorize, these are some of the stylish hairstyles for 50 year old woman with glasses:


  • short hairstyle with fringe: such an elusive short hairstyle covers the extensive face shape of women in a flattering manner. Moreover, different layers assist in providing your hair an inspiring shape.


    • neck length haircut for thin hair: this one does not only look astonishing on thin hair but also helps to emphasize your glasses. With open face and long neck, you receive an extra touch of glamour and grace.


  • shaggy bob with long side swept bangs: bob is always a good choice. Such a playful and youthful hairstyle will definitely give you an appealing look. With side bangs and glasses, though, chances are you will be the most elegant woman in the room. Is not it what we are aiming for?
  • curly short hairstyle: the last comes curly hair. If your hair is originally wavy or curly, then lucky you! Just give it a good trim, put glasses in place, and you will be nothing but a real beauty!


All in all, hairstyles helps us shape who we are and how we want the world to see us. Whether at 50 or even later, these are principal instruments to express oneself while also get this feeling of self-satisfaction. One of the mentioned above hairstyles will not only make you look gorgeous, but also fit your accessories. And that is sometimes what matters the most!