Once you get to a certain age, it seems, there is no way you can preserve your beauty and tenderness. This is one of the greatest self-deceits one can possibly imagine. Any woman, whatever the age, can be beautiful. This though may require a bit more time and effort than in the past. And the ultimate starting point on the way to beauty at any age is undoubtedly hair. In this article we will examine some tips for styling and cutting your hair in senior years.


As a matter of fact, natural beauty plays a key role in nowadays societies. People embrace what they have been born with and try to avoid the widespread beauty stereotypes. For elderly, this is manifested through acceptance of gray hair color and its embracing. Whether you are salt-and-pepper or have just discovered the first signs of gray hair, these short hairstyles for women over 50 with fine hair (hairstyles for older women with fine hair) will be  your lifeline.

Old And Classy: Here Is How

Looking good usually means feeling good inside. This can only be reached when you are fully satisfied with who you are and where are you standing in life. Easier said than done. Women over 50 usually undergo some serious changes not only in their appearances but also bodies and minds. To love your new appearance in the mirror you should firstly wholeheartedly love yourself.


And the following cool and stylish hairstyles will definitely help you do so:

    • the ultra short: women wanting to show off a beautiful face and personality can usually pull off the ultra short. You can keep hair in great shape because it does not have a chance to get damaged. Regular barbershop’s visits are a must to keep this looking right.
    • asymmetrical pixie cut with gray color: if you are feeling young inside, here is your chance to play with hair and people’s impressions. Pixie works at any age, however, while younger ladies are trying to copy your perfect opal color, you are already gathering compliments walking down the street.


  • short gray elegance: this one definitely works for women who love their natural hair color and preserve the thickness of hair. Nevertheless, for those with fine hair it may still work as you are free to choose the length so that your haircut fits you perfectly.


  • wavy bob with covered up grays: if you do not feel that happy about your natural silver hair color, beauty industry has something for you – hair dye. You are free to go for any color you like. Just cover it with a trendy hairstyle and done.

All in all, these tips come down to one simple truth – try to find what looks and feels good for you. Aging is normal. And only those who are getting completely in line with this statement and accept their appearances can in the end call themselves beautiful. Since beauty does not only reflect our effort to look good but also our effort to feel confident and being happy for who and where we are.