For women love to embrace beauty and their uniqueness, hairstyles become one of the main instruments for this. Despite your age, whatever it is, and no matter what type of hair you can boast, it is easy to find a method to make it look killing. For those with thick hair, though, situation may sometimes be more favourable. Here we will explore the ways to create a style able to represent the character traits as well as look appropriate for their age.


Many people tend to believe that beauty is in youth. This works two ways, though. Why so? Well, it appears the great mastership of a woman is to look stunning no matter how old she is. This definitely can be achieved when a person puts some effort and spends some time. Here are some hints and pieces of advice on how to make several appropriate hairstyles for 50 year old woman with thick hair.

Styling Your Hair At Senior Age

Firstly, thick hair always means layers, layers, and layers. This remains the same for each and all ages. Therefore, whatever a hairstyle one may wish to have, it is usually necessary to think of the volume and alleviation of the hair’s weight. To ensure you know how to address these issues, we present you the following list of hairstyles:


  • layered haircut with side-swept bangs: while layers do their job at adding volume and opening your face, side bangs make your appearance look more playful and tender. Elegant though still a bit shaggy – that is the perfect balance this hairstyle strikes!
  • brunette bob with layers: tell me the fashion epoch when bob was not a thing and I will be really surprised. For older women bob hairstyles are especially convenient to have and style, so take this into account.
  • short vintage cut: and the shorter the better. With vintage hairstyle in place you will look authentic and thus even more interesting for people who have known you for your whole life.


To wrap it up, there is always a hairstyle for your age whether you are 18 or 55. Our point is that to make sure you look good, you have to figure out peculiarities of your hair and what is in fact convenient for you in your everyday life. With thick hair being one of the greatest gifts of nature, you are free to choose from a variety of options be it levered haircut or bob. With playful and open-minded mood, you are free to choose short vintage cut or experiment even more.



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